SCAP Simplified

jOVAL makes it easy to produce and consume SCAP data formats.

Whether you’re looking to write or evaluate SCAP content, or embed SCAP processing into your enterprise application, jOVAL can provide the functionality you need without any of the complexity you don’t. Start exploring by selecting the the use-case that best describes your needs.

Content Authors

jOVAL has broader schema coverage, and more complete support for OVAL language features than MITRE’s reference implementation, making it a necessary tool for anyone looking to push the boundaries with OVAL content. Learn more…

Content Evaluators

Whether you’re looking to run USGCB content from NIST, or vendor-supplied content from Microsoft, RedHat, Novell or Cisco, jOVAL is the only solution with support that’s broad enough to cover them all. Learn more…

Software Vendors

If your product requires SCAP 1.2 certification, why waste time and resources developing an undifferentiated standards implementation when you can outsource the problem to the jOVAL team for less? Learn more…

Open Source

The source code for the jOVAL engine and default plug-in is available on Github, and is licensed using the Affero GPL.  See the official development branch: